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 * hexdiff.h : global header for hexdiff
 * Copyright: (c) 2005 Thierry Boudet <tboudet@free.fr>
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *   modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To
 *   Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See
 *   http://sam.zoy.org/projects/COPYING.WTFPL for more details.

#include  <ncurses.h>

/* "#define VERSION" is now in the Makefile */

#define T_BUFF  4242
#define T_NOM     360

typedef struct 
      int   fd;
      long  taille;
      long  offset;
      long  lus;
      char  nom[T_NOM+1];                 /* buffer overflow ? */
      unsigned char buffer[T_BUFF];
      } Fichier;

typedef struct
      int   nice_border;
      int   show_8bits;
      char  *language;
      int   offsets_in_hex;
      int   ext_fileinfo;
      int   show_hidden;
      int   sf_flag;
      int   explique;               /* not used */
      int   zoom;
      int   asciiview;              /* not used */
      } configuration;

 *    declaration of globals vars

#ifdef MAIN
  #define EXTERN
  #define EXTERN extern

EXTERN Fichier          f1, f2;
EXTERN int        fenetre_active;
EXTERN configuration    config;

 *    macros de positionnement en hauteur
#define HAUT    ((LINES-3)/2)
#define HAUT_1  1
#define BARRE_1 (HAUT_1+HAUT)
#define HAUT_2  (HAUT_1+(HAUT)+1)
#define BARRE_2 (HAUT_2+HAUT)

 *    prototype des fonctions
void  barre_inverse(char c, int ligne);
int   ecrire_barres_fichiers(void);
int   fond_ecran(void);
void  about(void);
void  aide_cl(int flag);
void  bordure(WINDOW * w);
void  popup_aide(void);
long  saisir_un_long(char *txt);
void  version(void);
int   is_printable(int octet);
int   ouvre_fichier(char *nom);

 *    file parse_rc.c
#define HEXDIFF_RC ".hexdiffrc"
int   init_configuration(void);
int   lire_configuration(int flag);

 *    file fileinfo.c
int   fileinfo(int fd, int ligne);
int   double_fileinfo(int, int, int, int);

 *    file sel_file.c
int   select_new_file(char *, int, int);
int   select_set_opt(int flg);

 *    file asciiview.c
int asciiview(void);
int octalview(void);    /* not urgent */

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